The Plant is The Benefit

Our research leads us to believe that a particular plant botanical acting independently will express the benefit experienced when consuming the whole plant. Therefore MINERAL formulations utilize the entire hemp plant allowing plant botanicals and terpenes to create symbiotic relationships to increase the likelihood of the solution delivering its targeted benefit.

We maintain the plant’s omega fatty acids, vitamins, and flavonoids through extraction so that our oil can obtain the highest bioavailability and efficiency in the body. Our formulations represent an organic expression of plant botanicals and terpenes through MINERAL identified hemp genetics.


To keep our product consistent we’ve identified formula specific seeds from Oregon that produce plants with characteristics incumbent to accomplish the targeted benefits in our products. 

Suver Haze

A High Plant Botanicals Hemp Hybrid that produces plants with citrus top notes, a floral heart, and a rich hemp base. Ideal for relaxation and reducing inflammation.

  • Potency:
    15 - 19% Plant Botancials
  • Dominant Terpenes:
    β-Myrcene, β-Caryophyllene
  • Harvest:
  • Formulas:

Cherry Wine

A floral forward, High Hemp Plant with a pungent berry finish. Ideal for igniting the senses and improving mood.

  • Potency:
    14 - 18% Plant Botancials
  • Dominant Terpenes:
    β-Myrcene, β-Caryophyllene, a-Humulene
  • Harvest:
  • Formulas:

Plant Cultivation

After sourcing the seeds from Oregon we supply them to Waayb Organics in Longmont, Colorado. Waayb leads the cultivation of the plants on an outdoor, seasonal, and organic grow. 

Waayb’s use of Regenerative Agriculture captures carbon in soil and aboveground biomass, reversing global trends of atmospheric accumulation. The result is increased yields, resilient plants, and higher health and vitality for our farming communities. 

MINERAL walks the fields before the seed is planted and harvests the plant prior to oil extraction. The oil from our F / W collection of formulas was planted in June 2019 and Harvested by our team in October 2019. 


After the plants complete their growth cycle they are delicately processed in a certified cGMP, Waayb Organics, processing facility 1 mile from the farm.

MINERAL hemp genetics are processed using Supercritical CO2 extraction. Our intention is to extract healthy green biomass and preserve hemp, terpenes, and essential fats in crude, distillate and final formulations. 


In order to ensure bio availability and purity in a healthy product we test for:

Hemp Sequence

Our full spectrum oil batches are high in plant botanical and ancillary compounds. We test to ensure our specific plant botanical oil levels are below the legal consumption rate of .3%.


Each Batch achieves a deep amber color and floral taste because our terpenes remain intact throughout the extraction process. Additionally we test for terpene content to verify our cannabinoid to terpene ratio remains consistent throughout our seasonal batches.


Before the plant is harvested we test to maintain a pesticide free yield. Our hemp plants are grown 100% organically, without the use of heavy metals or solvents.

Quality Control

Each Batch is Independent Party tested for potency, bacteria and microbiological contamination. We’re serious about maintaining a product that is consistently above and beyond the standards of what’s required.


Our formulations are proprietary blends of crude and distillate oil with hemp and terpenes reintroduced into the solutions.

Hemp Sequence

Derived from Biomass, Crude is dense in hemp, terpenes, fats and flavonoids essential to accomplishing the targeted benefits in our formulations.

Distillate Oil

A concentrated form of hemp oil, derived from Crude, in which the extract is stripped of plant botanical material and terpenes.

Plant Botanicals

Our formulations rely on dense amounts of hemp occurring in the Crude and Distillate oils. In order to create formulations that deliver on the benefits of the plant we reintroduce purified hemp plants yielding high amounts of these plant botanicals in MINERAL products.


By basing our formulations with crude oil we accomplish an increased concentration of in-plant terpenes. All of our formulations call for additional isolated and purified terpenes from hemp and other botanicals.


We average 2 distinct Batches a year that follow a seasonal process. Our formulations are bottled based off demand with restocks occurring as needed.