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I’m mills, the founder and formulator of our whole-plant hemp formulations.

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  • Vegan & Cruelty Free

    Vegan & Cruelty Free

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    High Potency

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    3rd Party Tested

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    Colorado Grown

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    Full Cannabinoid Profile

    Feeling Better

    This is my 3rd bottle of BALANCE and I love it. Feel better, muscles relax, pain goes away and I always sleep better! I will order more for sure.

    George E.

    Quality Product!

    MINERAL'S SLEEP is amazing! Only need 1/4 dropper for a sound sleep. No residual drowsiness the next day. Truly wonderful.

    Anita W.

    No More Pain

    I was shopping for other products when I tried MAISON for my sore neck. I returned to buy more because my pain was gone in just a few minutes!

    Maria W.

    Know Your Grower, Meet Your Formulator

    After using cannabis oil to avoid a colectomy, I became infatuated with the healing properties of the plant. In 2016, I dedicated my career to growing, extracting, and formulating hemp solutions for sleep, anxiety, stress, and inflammation. In 2017, we released our first sublingual formulation, the present day BALANCE, or the personification of the whole-plant. Now, in 2020, we continue to formulate with the whole plant, adamant that the plant is the benefit, rather than a single compound. Our formulations remain natural, as we strive to innovate and prioritize efficacy.

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