By: Parker Davis

Creating space for peace and inspiration guides Shiloh's philosophy. Shiloh attributes time for herself and a conscious decision to grow with herself as a foundation for her success. Her recent attention on social media (Instagram, TikTok, Spotify) acknowledges a need for calm amidst noise. 

Our conversation with Shiloh addresses her philosophy behind sharing her space with others, something she’s spent time contemplating as she designs a teahouse to open to her community when appropriate.

Tell us about your relationship with MINERAL’s products.

I use CLEANSE and HYDRATE every morning and every evening. CLEANSE takes the grime of my sleep and day off of my skin and I feel so clean and refreshed and prepped for HYDRATE which is so incredibly soothing + calming. I can’t go without these two beautiful products. The scent, the packaging, the feeling I get from using them - it’s very much a part of my daily ritual.

Explain what inspired your current way of life.

My search for peace and the inspiration for a lot of my creation surrounds the passing of my father in 2017. When he passed away, my life changed and I felt suspended in chaos. I changed a lot of things after that - my job, my relationship, my views on life + the meaning I ascribed to my day to day.

 How did you decide to contribute to social media rather than keeping it to yourself?

I started seeing beauty in the smallest moments and began capturing them - through those moments I was able to see him + feel peace. It's become a mission of mine to help people create peaceful environments to exist in. We all deserve it while the world fragments because the only way we will be able to recreate it is by creating inspirational corners that remind us that there is beauty + possibility. 

You’re a source of calm in what often feels chaotic on social media and IRL. How do you maintain peace without fear of judgment?

I think that there is an underlying fear of judgement residing in everyone and I’m definitely not exempt from it. Some days are better than others. Some days I hear the perfect song and capture the perfect light and there’s no question that I’ve captured a certain emotional essence. Other days I skip every song in my Spotify library because nothing is connecting and I begin to spiral. Usually when that happens - I put on my meditate playlist and remind myself everything I have to be grateful for. Remind myself that what I’m creating isn’t about me and I need to remove my ego from it.

What parts of your routine do you consider essential to your inner peace?

Going into deep nature at least once a month. Reading one book a month. Listening to instrumental music. Eating clean foods. I like to be raw vegan for about a week every month.

Explain how your approach to caring for yourself developed from pre-2017 until now.

I think one of the biggest changes in my approach to caring for myself was that I became more selfish. I spent my entire youth catering to everybody’s mood + needs because I had this deep underlying anxiety that I was not a good (enough) person. In my developing mind, in order to become a ‘good’ person I needed to give up all of my needs + desires. This stems from a much deeper seated childhood trauma, but in 2017 when my dad passed I realized that I couldn’t go on like that anymore. I couldn’t live my life pleasing others. Living like that was only going to help those around me superficially and drain me of any creativity + happiness that I had. I really took back my identity and grounded myself, I joined hands with the small girl that had spent most of her teenage + early 20’s morphing into the relationships around her and came out from behind all of the masks. I decided to grow up into who I wanted to be, not who others expected I was. 

Recommendations for learning about getting into your mindset? What about the first steps for creating a soothing space like yours?

I mostly do this by going on walks into nature with no music and listening to the sounds around me + looking for filtered light. Two of my favorite books are Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer and Nature by Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

I have playlists called ‘Entering the Beauty Realm’ ‘Meditate’bathtub surrounded by plants’ ‘suspended in water’- all of these help me reach a level of relaxation + creativity.

Tell us about your relationship with inanimate objects. Do pieces easily represent certain feelings for you, or do you try to separate the two?

Absolutely. I love finding pieces/items when I go on walks + repurposing them for the home. I have random slabs, stones, leaves, driftwood in my home - some that I’ve collected from Topanga, Valley of Fire, Big Sur, Sequoia + Big Bend. I love taking pieces of paradise back to my sanctuary because all of these items carry weight + memories with them. 

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