By: Parker Davis

Self-discipline is intrinsic to productivity. Discovering habits that produce balance and boundaries turn goals into accomplishments.

Brittany Franklin Shimansky acknowledges that while structure is essential to her success, so is grace. As a new mother and entrepreneur, Brit trusts that the balance between the two paves the way for success.

Her latest project, Britsbarre on-demand, builds upon her experience as a master barre instructor, pre/postnatal training specialist and former ballerina. 

Our interview with Brit explores the foundations of her process and reasoning behind her work.

If there’s a word to associate our work with you, it’s balance. You gracefully communicate your priorities despite your full plate. Tell us about your philosophy when it comes to balance.

I am always navigating the pull between being a high achiever and prioritizing rest. One way I find balance is by being very clear with my goals. I set SMART goals at the beginning of every year and then reassess every month. I get very specific with what is important to me to accomplish on a day-to-day basis. Becoming a mom has forced me to be realistic about my expectations for myself. For instance, I do not have childcare so I do not put pressure on myself to get work done until after my daughter goes to sleep at night. I balance the long days and late nights by scheduling down time during certain evenings so I don’t burn out. I also communicate my needs to my husband so he can help me where I need it most. Finding balance in motherhood is a never-ending balancing act, and one of the most important things a mom can do is give herself grace to be perfectly imperfect. Our effort and love for our families is more than enough, even when we don’t feel like it is. 

You’re a source of consistency and inspiration amongst the Austin community and your social network. How would you define your relationship with social media?

My relationship with social media has evolved over the years. What started as a small account to share my teaching schedule with my NYC barre clients has developed into a sizable community of kind, inclusive, caring, incredible women! I am naturally a more private person, so I have had to step outside of my comfort zone to share my life on Instagram. While it is uncomfortable at times for me to be open, it is always worth the connections I’ve made with other women through being vulnerable. The way I find balance with social media is by drawing strong boundaries in the way I interact with it. Whenever I start feeling anxious or overwhelmed, I take a break so I can come back refreshed and ready to connect. If I feel burned out, I go back to my WHY of social media: to provide value to my community through my barre expertise and experiences with new motherhood, and to genuinely connect with and uplift other women.

Explain how you made the decision to build your own platform.

It all really started with Instagram. In sharing my short barre videos over the years, a far-reaching and passionate following began requesting a full-length class experience. I gave birth and became a new mom during the beginning of the pandemic, and I knew it would be awhile before I would return to teaching in-person at my home studios, Mod Fitness + Equinox. I realized it was time to follow my gut and create the Britsbarre on-demand virtual studio. The loyal support I have behind me in my Britsbarre community gave me the confidence I needed to move forward with building my own business.

In addition to recently building your own business, you’re a new mother. How has your approach to self-care changed as you’ve taken on the role?

I have learned I have to be much more intentional about self-care and to transform routine daily moments into pampering experiences for myself. Instead of rushing through getting ready for bed, I take my time and use products that I truly enjoy. CLEANSE takes face washing to the next level with its uplifting scent and the way it leaves my skin feeling refreshed. HYDRATE combined with my gua sha ritual gives my postpartum skin the love it needs.

What parts of your routine do you consider essential for yourself lately?

The most important part of my morning routine is my tea latte followed by a workout and/or walk. Taking time to restore my core postpartum and rebuild my strength is not only imperative for my career, but also for me to feel energized in my daily life. The most essential part of my evening is my bedtime routine. I always take SLEEP immediately after pumping and rub RELIEF on my neck and shoulders before I spend time in prayer + meditation. Some nights my husband gives me a massage using MAISON, and that is a huge win for a tired and sore mama! I’ve learned that I can show up for my family as the best version of myself when I take time to take care of myself. 

You appear to be extremely self-disciplined. Was it something that came naturally, or did you have to build structure around your lifestyle?

I would say my self-discipline is a combination of being a high achiever and being raised in a family that cultivated and valued disciplined behavior. I’ve always wanted to do my best in all my endeavors, and this lends itself to being disciplined, however, this does not make me immune to the reality that discipline is often moving forward with what you know is best when you don’t feel like it. My discipline has really been put to the test with motherhood because as a new mom you are so tired all the time you often don’t feel like doing anything when you have a free moment. This is where planning and structure is key. I plan out what I want to accomplish for both my business and myself every day. I ask for help when I need it, and I give myself grace when I feel like I fall short of my goals. 

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