By: Mills Miller

Photos: Diego Vourakis, Cydney Holm

Linalool is a floral forward terpene that occurs in over 200 species of plants. Most commonly it is found in lavender and used as a utility terpene capable of sedation, reducing inflammation, and killing pain. With varied medicinal benefits and a seducing scent as enchanting as it’s purple color, Linalool is perhaps the most influential terpene in the summer season of MINERAL formulations.


Linalool content is utilized for reducing anxiety and stress.


Linalool, in collaboration with Myrcene and Terpinolene. is used as a sedative to accomplish sleep.


Our most forward Linalool formula, RECOVERY relies on dense amounts of Linalool to kill pain in both sublingual and topical applications.


Linalool occurs in smaller percentages to reduce inflammation.


The new formula features dense amounts of in-plant Linalool to reduce pain and relax muscles.

The commitment to preserving in-plant terpenes in our oil is paramount to the final solution of our formulations. Terpenes radiate from the hemp plant, beguiling senses with a therapeutic essence that we maintain throughout our process. As with plant botanicals, we believe that terpenes are best expressed in full spectrum form: all occurring naturally in unison to create an array of medicinal benefits. We don’t have a favorite terpene. Thus the desire to express them all is incumbent. 

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