By: mills

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Highlights from the episode:

On why MINERAL uses the whole plant:

“The theme of MINERAL is that the plant is the benefit and that these components acting synergistically in a symphony will always be more beneficial than a single compound.”

“There are unarguable benefits to this product when it’s consumed as a whole plant - and that’s feeding the endocannabinoid system which is responsible for homeostasis.”

Biggest lesson learned from the launch:

“Remain agile, adaptable and malleable. I’m bad at being patient but I am very persistent. I showed a great amount of restraint and patience on developing the right product, which was a challenge for me.”

Vision for MINERAL:

“That changes daily and depends on the time of day you ask me or what mood I'm in. I want to continue developing solutions that help people achieve balance, sleep, and recovery from injury. I want to build tangible experiences that consumers can interact with.”

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