By: Mills Miller

Photos: Cydney Holm

August 8th is National Hemp Day.

A day as important to the world as it is to our formulations: Specific Hemp Oil is a catalyst for activating, in the context of the faux holiday, understanding, receptor sites in the body and mind to receive ancillary hemp oil. A notion MINERAL has advocated since our conception.  

Therefore, on National Botanicals Day we chose to profile a plant botanical that has yet to receive National acclaim: Hemp a plant botanical found in highest concentrations in BALANCERECOVERY and MAISON

What is Plant Botanical?

  • A non-psychoactive plant botanical that acts as a catalyst for biochemistry in the hemp plant
  • A specific plant botanical is a chemical precursor to very specific hemp derivatives , meaning the plant creates these hemp derivatives and during the flowering process converts the hemp derivative into plant botanicals
  • This specific plant botanical is difficult to accomplish in large concentrations, being that it converts to specific hemp oils
  • MINERAL accomplishes modest amounts of plant derivatives in our hemp genetics and we preserve the plant botanicals in our solutions by formulated with crude oil
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