The Fall/Winter Formulations


By: mills

Photos: Diego Vourakis

Freshly formulated, The Fall/Winter offering has arrived! Familiar formulations return, with subtle changes to reflect the season, in whole-plant applications that inspire peace of mind and body.


  • Perhaps what MINERAL is known for, our SLEEP formulation continues to receive unprecedented acclaim from our community as one of the most effective plant-based formulations for SLEEP.
  • Try this one 30 minutes before bed to accomplish a day-changing rest without the morning grogginess.
  • Available in 750 mg and 1500 mg formulations.


  • The original MINERAL formulation, a whole-plant hemp oil to reduce inflammation and inspire a calm, balanced state of wellbeing.
  • This is an ideal “anytime” formula, use to reduce anxiety, stress, and improve mood.
  • Available in 500 mg and 1000 mg formulations.


  • The most potent formulation available, RECOVERY is an avocado oil infused sublingual and topical that is most effective at reducing pain and stress.
  • This formula can be taken anytime, day or night, to bring powerful healing to a fatigued body or burdened mind.
  • Available in 2000 mg formulation.


  • Obtain a blissful state of consciousness and natural euphoria with MOOD. This mood-boosting elixir is made with Egyptian Blue Lotus Flower, and also works to diminish stress and stimulate lucid dreaming.
  • Incorporate MOOD into your daily routine for an uplifted mindset and alleviated sense of self.
  • Available November.


  • Fast acting, brightening, and tightening, CLEANSE is an effective cannabinoid based cleanser to wash away dirt, oil, and blemishes.
  • Works well with all skin types, and is both clarifying and gentle thanks to nutrient-dense ingredients such as tangerine and aloe.
  • A little goes a long way! For best results pair with HYDRATE in the FACIAL KIT.
  • Available in 300 mg formulation.


  • Quickly becoming a fan favorite, HYDRATE is delightfully pungent, smooth, and effective at reducing fine lines that cause aging. The microcirculation can be felt with each application!
  • Use morning and evening (ideally after using CLEANSE) to moisturize the face and attain a radiant complexion without feeling greasy.
  • Available in 400 mg formulation.


  • Find RELIEF from soreness and inflammation in the body with this soothing body oil. Ingredients such as lavender and Palo Santo empower this formulation to nurture and restore aching muscles and inflamed skin.
  • RELIEF is a post-shower body oil to reduce pain and inflammation. For best results pair with SLEEP in The NIGHTTIME KIT.
  • Available in 125 mg and 500 mg formulations.


  • The tried and true body butter of dreams, MAISON returns in varied potencies and as special as ever. Praised for its transformative results and ability to ease pain.
  • Use all over, anytime. Trust us.
  • Available in 300 mg and 500 mg formulations.
Whole Plant Hemp Oil Solutions for Sleep, Pain, and Anxiety